Dr. Jason Petkevis is a general dentist in the Exton, PA area that will restore a structurally unsound tooth with a dental crown. A dental crown, or ‘tooth cap’, can be used as a restorative treatment to protect a tooth damaged by tooth decay. It can also be used in cosmetic dentistry to change the shape or length of a tooth. Dr. Petkevis can also replace a metal dental crown, a broken or worn dental crown with a new porcelain dental crown that looks and feels like your natural tooth. Dr. Petkevis may recommend a dental crown for any of the following dental problems or cosmetic concerns:

  • Restore a tooth with large cavity
  • Repair a damaged, chipped or cracked tooth
  • Reinforce a tooth with a root canal
  • Strengthen anchor teeth for dental bridge
  • Improve appearance of misshaped or crooked tooth
  • Cover stained or discolored tooth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Lengthen teeth
  • Restore a missing tooth along with a dental implant

Porcelain Dental Crown

Dr. Petkevis can replace a metal dental crown, broken or worn dental crowns with a new, porcelain dental crown in his Exton, PA cosmetic dentistry office. Replacing a dental crown is a simple procedure that can provide dramatic improvement in the appearance of the smile.

Benefits of a Porcelain Dental Crown are:

  • Metal free – do not cause discoloration along the gum like conventional metal dental caps
  • Natural looking – a porcelain dental crown is made of layers of fine ceramic material, to match natural tooth enamel
  • Long lasting – a porcelain dental crown is highly durable, as well as stain resistant, meaning it will last for years to come

Dental Crown Process

  • At your consultation, Dr. Petkevis will examine your teeth and overall dental health. This exam will help us to design a personalized treatment plan that will restore the tooth to optimal health and function.
  • Dr. Petkevis will then prepare the tooth/teeth by removing a small amount of the natural tooth structure to accommodate the dental crown. A temporary tooth cap will be placed on the tooth while the final restoration is being fabricated.
  • In about 2 to 3 weeks, you will return to our Exton, PA dentist office where Dr. Petkevis will attach the dental crown, make any necessary adjustments and secure it for a permanent fit.