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Dental Implants vs DenturesChester Springs PA

Both dental implants and dentures are methods in which you can replace your missing teeth. Each offer specific advantage and disadvantages. If you are in the position to choose between them, it is important that know and understand these differences. Dr. Jason Petkevis has taken the time to compare dental implants to traditional dentures and discuss the pros and cons of each option. As an expert dental implant dentist in Chester Springs, PA, he can help you decide which option is better for you.

Here, we discuss Dental Implants vs Dentures In Chester Springs, PA

About Dental Implants

Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement system that involves several parts, procedures, and healing time. An actual dental implant is a small titanium post that Dr. Petkevis will surgically place in the jawbone. Here, it will serve as a missing tooth root and also support a dental restoration. They are available in many different sizes so they can be used in various places along both arches.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. As long as you have good oral health, they will remain there forever. This will help support the jaw bone as well. The implant posts provide stimulation for the bone so it will degrade over time. Since the implants fuse to the jaw bone, you will never have to worry about the restorations shifting or slipping around in your mouth.

Dental implants come with little to no eating restrictions. You can eat a well-balanced, healthy diet without worrying about your teeth. For the most part, they are easy to care for. They only require the same care as your natural teeth.

Another advantage of dental implants is that they are the most natural tooth replacement option available. They look like natural teeth as well as feel and function like teeth. This can help boost a patient’s confidence and self-esteem. To learn more about why dental implants are the best solution for missing teeth, see Dental Implants.

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

The main disadvantage of dental implants is the cost. They are a relatively expensive option for replacing missing teeth. It can cost tens of thousands of dollars to replace missing teeth with dental implants. This can make dental implants unaffordable and unattainable for some patients.

The dental implant process takes a long time to complete. Sometimes up to a year. There are many procedures, appointments, and healing time involved in the whole process. This may turn some patients away who want an immediate solution for their tooth loss.

Another disadvantage of dental implants is that they require a surgical. Dr. Petkevis must surgically insert the implant posts into the jaw bone. The patient will need to be healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and may experience some discomfort or pain during the recovery period.

Additionally, not all patients are good candidates for dental implants, and some may require additional procedures, such as bone grafting, before the implant can be placed.

About Traditional Dentures

A traditional denture is a removable appliance that will replace missing teeth. False teeth are fused to a base that will resemble gum tissue. They are custom fit to a patient’s mouth so that they rest snuggly on the gums. They rely on suction and adhesive to stay in place.

Advantages of Traditional Dentures

The main advantage of traditional dentures is that they an affordable option to replace missing teeth. People who cannot afford dental implants will typically opt for this budget friendly option.

Dentures also do not require a surgical procedure during the treatment process. It takes about two to three visits to the dentist before they are ready. People who are not healthy enough for surgery or who have issues with anesthesia will need to go with dentures.

The denture process is also much shorter. Instead of taking months to complete, it will only take a few weeks. You will simply come in for impressions and we will send those to a dental lab where they fabricate your new teeth. At your next appointment a few later, your new denture will be ready. To learn more about the types of dentures we offer, see Dentures and Partials.

Disadvantages of Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures are not a permanent solution for tooth loss. They will not be secure in your mouth nor will they be very durable. Dentures will become loose and slip around in your mouth. This makes it hard to eat and speak properly. It is also hard to smile with confidence knowing your teeth may fall out.

Ill-fitting dentures can also cause sores and irritation in the mouth. This can be uncomfortable as they rub against the soft tissues. Because they change fit, your dentures will need to adjusted and rebased often.

Dentures also do not prevent bone loss in the jaw. Slowly, over time, denture wearers will have to deal with bone atrophy. They will notice more wrinkles around the mouth, their mouth will appear more sunken in, and their chin will appear more pointed out. Bone loss in the jaw is responsible for making people appear older than they are.

Dentures also come with many eating restrictions. This often includes many types of healthy foods. Wearing dentures makes it difficult to stick to a healthy, balanced diet.

To learn more about dental implants vs dentures, book a consult with Dr. Petkevis today. Both options are popular choices for missing teeth however dental implants are better for your health and well-being. As an experienced dentist that offers full dental implant services, he can determine if you qualify for implants. Please contact us to schedule your appointment at our Chester Springs dental office.