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Dental Implants FAQs Chester Springs PA

Learn more about dental implants with Dental Distinction. Continue reading for questions and answers to many common questions about dental implants.

dental implants faqs chester springs pa

Do I qualify for dental implants?

Anyone who is missing one or more teeth may qualify for dental implants. It is very important to be in good oral health and overall health. This is because the process involves a surgical procedure. And dental implants require a healthy environment to heal and thrive in. Teeth implants also require a sufficient amount of bone because they will fuse to the bone. If there is not enough bone, then the implants may fail or not be as stable. To find out if you qualify for implants, book a consultation with Dr. Jason Petkevis in Chester Springs, PA.

Is old age a problem?

No, age is not a factor in determining if you qualify for dental implants. Most people who choose to get dental implants are well into their 50’s. The health of the patient is the most important factor. As long as you have a sufficient amount of bone and are in good health, then you will qualify for implants.

Will I be able to use the same chewing force after my implant treatment?

The goal with dental implant treatment is return the patient to as normal as possible. Dental implants are the only treatment that will allow a patient with missing teeth to use a normal chewing force again. You will never have to worry about cutting out your favorite foods with dental implants.

What can cause my dental implants to fail?

Just because dental implants are made of titanium doesn’t mean you can slack on your oral hygiene routine. Plaque can still build up around the implant. While it will not harm the implant, it can still harm the surrounding gums and bone. If the gums or bone are unhealthy surrounding the implants, then your implants can fail. An infection in your jawbone called peri-implantitis can develop and get under your gums. Certain medications and bad implant placement can also cause them to fail.

How long does it take to put in an implant?

To place a single dental implant, the procedure will take about an hour. For a more complex case that involves placing multiple implants, the surgery may take four our more hours. During your consultation, your doctor can give you an idea about how long your surgery will take.

Can I get a temporary tooth while waiting for my implant to heal?

For most patients, we will be able to place a temporary dental restoration while you heal after implant placement. This way you will never have to go without teeth or experience embarrassment from a toothless smile.

My dentures slip around a lot; will dental implant solve this problem?

Denture wearers that are unhappy with wearing can switch to dental implants. However, if you wore dentures for a long time, there is a chance you some bone deterioration. If you too much bone was lost, you may have to undergo a bone graft to build back up your jaw bone to make sure your implants will succeed. But, it is very possible to switch from dentures to implants! They will help anchor the denture in place so it will never slip around, cause your speech to slur, or fall out of your mouth.