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Dental Crown Chester Springs, PA

Jason Petkevis, DMD restores structurally unsound teeth and replaces existing restorations with custom dental crowns. Dental crowns look and feel like natural teeth.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown sometimes called a tooth cap or tooth crown. Dentists use them to restore cracked teeth, crooked teeth, and teeth that have been compromised by cavities. Your dentist can also use them as replacement teeth by securing them to dental implants for patients that are missing teeth. The dental crown covers the entire tooth, like a thimble, and is permanently cemented into place.


About Porcelain Dental Crowns

There are many materials that a dentist can choose from for creating a dental crown in Downingtown PA. Dr. Petkevis chooses porcelain dental crowns because of their natural appearance and long term durability.

Benefits of Porcelain Dental Crowns

  • Free of metal: do not cause discoloration along the gum like metal dental caps
  • Natural looking: porcelain dental crowns are made of layers of fine ceramic material. This type of material reflects light like natural tooth enamel
  • Long-lasting: porcelain dental crowns are durable and resist stains very well. They will look great for many years.

Dental Crown Procedure Overview

Many patients avoid the dentist because they fear a dental crown will be painful and difficult. The process of placing crowns on teeth is very simple. Dr. Petkevis focuses on the planning to ensure that the results will be predictable and successful.

To start, your Chester Springs dentist near you will remove any existing crowns or fillings. Then he will prepare the tooth for the new tooth crown. Dr. Petkevis will remove as little tooth structure as necessary to ensure a stable fit.

Dr. Petkevis works closely with expert ceramists in dental laboratories across the United States. He will select the best materials for your restoration. While they are making your dental crown, Dr. Petkevis may place a temporary dental crown to protect your tooth.

Once we receive the permanent dental crown from the dental lab, Dr. Petkevis will try it on for fit and color. He can make any minor adjustments in our office before securing the crown with a special adhesive. You should care for your dental crowns the same as your natural teeth. Routine visits to the dentist will ensure that your dental crown is stable and long-lasting.

Dental Crown Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dental crown procedure painful?

Patients often worry about dental crown pain. We take steps to ensure that each patient undergoing treatment with dental crowns is comfortable. It is common for patients to experience some sensitivity following treatment. These symptoms generally subside within 1 to 3 days.

How much does a dental crown cost?

The cost of a dental crown will vary by the type of material you chose and the current state of your oral health. Before we begin, we will review the procedure including the dental crown cost. We accept most major dental insurance and also offer convenient payment options including interest-free financing through CareCredit for qualified patients.

I have a gold crown, can you replace it with a porcelain crown?

Yes, Dr. Petkevis is able to replace metal dental crowns, broken or worn dental crowns with new, porcelain dental crowns. Replacing dental crowns is a simple procedure that can provide a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the smile.