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Implant-Supported Bridge Chester Springs PA

There are many dental implant solutions available today to treat missing teeth. Dr. Jason Petkevis offers implant-supported bridges in Chester Springs, PA as a solution to address multiple, consecutive missing teeth. This is an option for anyone who qualifies for dental implants.

implant-supported bridges in Chester Springs, PA

What is an Implant-Supported Bridge?

An implant-supported bridge is a dental prosthesis that replaces several missing teeth in a row. The bridge itself is just like a traditional bridge, a single piece containing all the false teeth. Dr. Petkevis will anchor the bridge to two or more dental implants. He will surgically insert these implant fixtures into the jawbone. A dental implant is a titanium post that serves as replacement tooth root and a strong foundation for the dental bridge. Dental implants can securely hold a bridge in place since they fuse to the jawbone.

Implant-Supported Bridge vs Traditional Dental Bridge

A traditional dental bridge is typically used to replace a single tooth but can replace several teeth in a row. It relies on adjacent teeth to support the dental bridge. These anchor teeth require preparation, which essentially means they must be reduced in size significantly. This is to create room for the crown portion of the bridge. Not only that, they must endure extra stress as they will take all the bite force.

An implant-supported bridge does not require the use of adjacent teeth to support the dental bridge. Therefore, the neighboring teeth will remain intact, preserving their natural structure. This will reduce their risk of damage or decay. The dental implants will provide a strong foundation for the bridge.

There are Many Advantages to Choosing an Implant-Supported Dental Bridge

There are many reasons why you should choose an implant-supported dental bridge over other teeth replacement options such as a partial denture. They offer better stability and functionality allowing patients to chew more types of foods and speak with confidence. A Dental bridge supported with dental implants will feel more comfortable and natural. Also, dental implants will maintain the integrity of the jawbone. They provide stimulation for the bone allowing it to regenerate. This will prevent bone loss in the jaw that often occurs with missing teeth. Solutions like partial dentures cannot prevent bone loss. When you preserve the bone in the face, then you also preserve your facial appearance.

Implant-Supported Bridge Procedure

The process to get an implant-supported bridge requires several steps. For patients that qualify, Dr. Petkevis will create a detailed treatment plan to replace your teeth. The first step may involve pre-treatment to prepare you for the dental implants. This would include teeth extractions, periodontal therapy, or a bone graft.

The next step is the dental implant placement surgery. We will use local anesthesia or sedation dentistry for your comfort. Dr. Petkevis will strategically place each dental implant within the jawbone. He will also place a temporary dental restoration for aesthetic purposes.

Over the next few months, the dental implants will integrate with the bone. This process takes about three to six months and is very important to the success of your new bridge. It is very important to take care of your oral health during this period to guarantee the success of your dental implants.

After the healing phase, Dr. Petkevis will attach an abutment and take impressions to fabricate your final, custom dental bridge. Once it is ready, he will secure the bridge to the dental implants using screws or dental cement. Regular dental check-ups and maintenance are essential to ensure the health of the implants and the surrounding tissues.

Are Implant-Supported Bridges for Everyone?

Implant-supported bridges may not be for everyone. To qualify for dental implants, you must have adequate bone density and volume. This is necessary to adequately support the implant fixtures. People who do not have enough bone may be able to get a bone graft. You must also be in good health since the process involves a surgical procedure. Patients with certain medical conditions or that smoke may not qualify due to an increased risk of complications.

Dental implants have changed the way dentists replace teeth. Dr. Petkevis will suggest an implant-supported bridge in Chester Springs, PA to replace multiple missing teeth. They offer many advantages over other teeth replacement options. Please contact us to schedule your appointment at our Chester Springs dental office.