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How Often Should You See the Dentist?

Going to the dentist can often seem like a hassle. And if you brush and floss your teeth regularly, it may seem like an unnecessary one. However, routine visits to your dentist in Chester Springs, PA, can help reduce the chances of developing decay or other dental conditions. Regular cleanings can often remove plaque and tartar buildup that at-home brushing alone can’t prevent. Exams and X-rays also help to catch the early warning signs of a problem. Preventative dentistry through regular checkups can be key in helping you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

A DENTIST in CHESTER SPRINGS PA can help you keep on track with your oral health

When to See a Dentist in Chester Springs, PA

Going to the dentist regularly has a host of benefits for your oral health. Not only does a routine cleaning remove plaque and tartar, but it also allows your dentist to track your oral hygiene. By seeing how clean and healthy your teeth are between appointments, your dentist may be able to offer recommendations to help improve your oral hygiene. When you make these changes, your next visit can help determine if your oral health has improved or if additional changes still need to be made.

Because every patient is different, your dentist will work with you to set up the right hygiene schedule for your mouth.

Every Six Months

For most patients with a healthy mouth, you’ll only need to see your dentist every six months. Many dental insurance companies provide coverage for two preventative care appointments every year. However, it’s important to note that some insurance companies operate on a calendar year. Meanwhile, others operate based on the date of your last appointment. It’s a good idea to check which way your insurance works so you can schedule your appointments properly.

Every Four Months

Some patients may need an additional cleaning in a year. This could be caused by a variety of reasons, such as a genetic predisposition or a medical concern. For example, if a patient has chronic dry mouth, they don’t have enough saliva to combat plaque buildup efficiently. Or if a patient suffers from limited mobility, they may not be able to brush their teeth properly. Seeing a dentist every four months can help patients keep their teeth clean and their gums healthy.

Every Three Months

For patients who have gum disease, extra cleanings are often required to ensure infection doesn’t return. These additional periodontal maintenance appointments are often a key difference in keeping your oral health high or suffering from further complications. If you were officially diagnosed with gum disease and underwent periodontal therapy, your insurance may provide coverage for these additional appointments.

If you aren’t seeing a dentist at least twice a year, you’re likely opening yourself up to an increased risk of decay or damage. At Dental Distinction, we believe that preventative dentistry is key to maintaining your oral health and avoiding costly and invasive treatments. Call us today at 610.904.9274 to schedule your next cleaning and take control of your oral hygiene.