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Dental Crown Exton PA

Dr. Jason Petkevis is a general dentist in the Exton, PA area that will restore a structurally unsound tooth with a dental crown. A dental crown, or ‘tooth cap’, can be used as a restorative treatment to protect a tooth damaged by tooth decay.

It can also be used in cosmetic dentistry to change the shape or length of a tooth. Dr. Petkevis can also replace a metal dental crown, a broken or worn dental crown with a new porcelain dental crown that looks and feels like your natural tooth. Dr. Petkevis may recommend a dental crown for any of the following dental problems or cosmetic concerns:

    • Restore a tooth with a large cavity
    • Repair a damaged, chipped, or cracked tooth

Porcelain Dental Crowns

Dr. Petkevis can replace a metal dental crown, broken or worn dental crowns with a new, porcelain dental crown in his Exton, PA cosmetic dentistry office. Replacing a dental crown is a simple procedure that can provide a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the smile.

Benefits of a Porcelain Dental Crown are:

  • Metal-free – do not cause discoloration along the gum like conventional metal dental caps
  • Natural-looking – a porcelain dental crown is made of layers of fine ceramic material, to match natural tooth enamel
  • Long-lasting – a porcelain dental crown is highly durable, as well as stain-resistant, meaning it will last for years to come

Dental Crown Process in Exton, PA

  • At your consultation, Dr. Petkevis will examine your teeth and overall dental health. This exam will help us to design a personalized treatment plan that will restore the tooth to optimal health and function.
  • Dr. Petkevis will then prepare the tooth/teeth by removing a small amount of the natural tooth structure to accommodate the dental crown. A temporary tooth cap will be placed on the tooth while the final restoration is being fabricated.
  • In about 2 to 3 weeks, you will return to our Exton, PA dentist office where Dr. Petkevis will attach the dental crown, make any necessary adjustments and secure it for a permanent fit.

Alternative to Dental Crown

When a tooth has become damaged due to decay, gum disease, or a physical injury, one of the methods that can be used to repair it is applying an inlay or an onlay. These are specially molded dental prosthetics that are applied only to the damaged area of the tooth in order to restore its natural shape and functionality.

The actual inlay or onlay can be made from porcelain, gold, advanced ceramics, or even a type of composite resin. Ceramics and resins can be tinted so that they match the color of the surrounding tooth and are practically invisible when set.

Dental inlays and onlays are different from crowns and fillings. A crown covers the entire top and sides of a tooth, where inlays and onlays cover only a small portion of the tooth. The advantage is that more of the natural tooth is preserved with the process so that the structure of the tooth remains intact and very strong.

Additionally, inlays and onlays can be constructed so precisely that they leave no space between the prosthetic and the tooth where harmful bacteria could enter. This makes the inlays and onlays a better choice in most cases than metal fillings that require removing large parts of the tooth and that are not as resistant to damage and infection.