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Combat Bad Breath

Have you noticed, or been told, that you have bad breath? Bad breath can cause embarrassment, and if you notice that it does not go away after a thorough brushing and flossing, you should let your dentist know as soon as possible. Your bad breath could be an indicator of a more complex oral health concern. Chester Springs, PA dentist Dr. Jason Petkevis encourages any patient with chronic halitosis to schedule an oral health exam to diagnose and treat the root of the problem.

What is your bad breath saying about your oral health? Bad breath may be an indicator of an oral or systemic health condition. If Dr. Petkevis suspects that your halitosis is caused by diabetes, lung infection, kidney or liver condition or a gastrointestinal problem he will refer you to your general physician for further care. If the cause of your halitosis is an oral health concern, our Chester Springs, PA dental care team can help you address the root of the problem so you can enjoy fresh breath and oral health.

Oral Health Causes Halitosis

  • Cavities- Untreated, tooth decay causes a strong oral odor. The smell is the bi-product that bacteria leaves behind on your teeth and gums. Caught early, tooth decay can be treated with a dental filling. Advanced tooth decay may require a more advanced dental procedure such as a root canal or tooth extraction. Dr. Petkevis is a highly trained and experienced dentist who provides personalized and comprehensive treatment plans for the treatment of tooth decay.
  • Dry Mouth- Dry mouth could be the result of many conditions. Dry mouth is a condition where you have a lack of saliva productions in your mouth. Without a healthy saliva flow, food debris and bacteria can build up causing bad breath and ultimately tooth decay or even gum disease.
  • Gum Disease-Patients suffering from gum disease may experience unpleasant odors in their mouth. The bacteria build up causes a bad smell creating chronic halitosis. Dr. Petkevis offers professional teeth cleanings, planing and scaling for the treatment of gum disease.
  • Oral Hygiene – Brushing and flossing twice a day can help keep your bad breath under control. Brushing and flossing help to remove plaque and bacteria build up that frequently causes bad breath. Diligent oral hygiene can also help prevent the development of complex oral health problems. If you have questions about what oral hygiene products are right for your oral health needs, our Chester Springs, PA dental care team will be happy to assist you.

Schedule A Consultation

To learn more about chronic halitosis and how it may be a sign of more complex oral health concerns, contact our Chester Springs dentist office. Biannual dental check-ups with Dr. Petkevis can help you keep your breath fresh, teeth clean, and smile brightly for years to come.