Monday, January 23rd, 2012

When you have discomfort in your mouth and jaw or you are embarrassed about your teeth due to damage, discoloration, missing teeth or teeth that are worn down, chipped or uneven, restorative dentistry can relieve you of your pain and discomfort and pain. Restorative dentistry involves making a diagnosis of the root of the pain or discomfort and formulating a treatment plan to resolve or manage the condition. After a consultation and evaluation with Dr. Petkevis, our staff will help you determine the best course of action to restore health, function and beauty to your smile and relieve you of your pain.

Restorative dentistry involves advanced dental technology, materials and surgical techniques as well as the years of expertise that Dr. Petkevis has to offer. Whether your jaw or mouth pain or discomfort results from trauma, life circumstances or shoddy dental work performed by another dentist, Dr. Petkevis can use restorative dentistry techniques to treat your pain and discomfort.

Our restorative dentistry techniques include dental crowns made of gold or porcelain gold overlay; dental implants; dentures; Invisalign braces; and TMJ therapy. If your pain results from just one tooth that is misshapen, needs a root canal or has a deteriorated filling, a dental crown can restore function to the tooth and relieve you from the pain. In the case of a missing tooth, a dental implant will fix that gap and allow you to chew, bite and talk without pain. If many of your teeth are missing or diseased and causing you a significant amount of pain, dentures designed by a dental laboratory and fitted by Dr. Petkevis may be an option for you.

For people who suffer from TMJ, TMJ therapy begins with a complete examination of your head, mouth, jaws and muscles as well as your teeth. Using advanced dental technology and 3D modeling of your mouth, Dr. Petkevis will develop a customized treatment plan for you which may include the use of mouth guards, bite therapy, TMJ exercises and splints.

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