Saturday, November 12th, 2011

There is widespread debate about the safety of old metal fillings, some of which contain mercury as a main component. In addition to the health concerns associated with mercury, metal fillings can affect a patient’s confidence as they are very obvious in the mouth. If you have metal fillings, consider having them removed and replaced with new fillings that are proven safer and look far more natural than those used in the past.

Technological advances have made it possible for fillings to look more like the natural surface of a tooth. These fillings, called resin composite-based fillings, both look and feel like your actual teeth. The color of a composite filling is very similar to the color of a tooth’s enamel, and it is as strong, or stronger, than old metal fillings. A large range of composite shades and colors are available for a dentist to use in order to match your tooth color as closely as possible and leave you with a confident, natural-looking smile. Composite resin fillings are especially useful to restore or fill cavities in front teeth, since they are nearly impossible to distinguish from a patient’s real teeth.

Composite fillings can be completed in a single visit, and require almost no recovery time. Many dentists allow their patients to eat normal foods almost immediately after having a filling completed. Composite fillings are placed into a drilled and cleaned tooth, and are shaped by the dentist. The fillings are then bonded into place, generally using a special light or laser, to provide a protective layer for the tooth.

When completed, composite fillings are almost invisible in the mouth; many patients cannot tell where the filling was even done. Few patients report problems with composite fillings, and many recommend them to friends. If you are tired of looking at a mouth full of metal fillings, take a step toward a renewed sense of confidence. Check into composite dental fillings today and learn to love your smile again.

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