Dr. Jason Petkevis is a family dentist in Chester Springs, PA with experience treating tooth cavities in both children and adults.

What Causes Tooth Cavities

Tooth cavities, called dental caries by dentists, are tooth decay. Most tooth cavities are caused by plaque build up. When plaque comes in contact with sugar and starch, it activates bacteria in plaque, causing it to attack and erode tooth enamel. As the tooth enamel breaks down and wears away, it leaves the tooth susceptible to the formation of dental cavities.


Tooth Cavity Symptoms

A dentist can identify cavities usually before you experience symptoms, so it is important to maintain regular dental check-ups. In advanced stages of tooth decay, you might experience a toothache especially after consuming sweet, hot, or cold foods or drinks. Other signs of tooth decay are visible pits or holes in the teeth.

Diagnodent Laser Cavity Detection

Dr. Petkevis uses a powerful new laser called Diagnodent for early detection and diagnosis of tooth decay. The laser technology used by Diagnodent makes it easier to find decay hidden in cracks and crevices of teeth. Early intervention of tooth cavities means less pain, decreased risk of tooth damage and less hassle for you down the road.

Treatment For Tooth Cavities

If you do have a tooth cavity or if your teeth are showing signs of decay, Dr. Petkevis provides a number of general dentistry treatments to provide stability and protection to affected teeth. Tooth colored dental fillings are often used to treat teeth with early stages of tooth decay. Other treatment options may include inlays, onlays and dental crowns.
For patients with advanced symptoms of tooth decay, a root canal may be required to bring the tooth to proper health.

Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in America. Half of all first-graders and more than 80% of 17-year-olds have tooth cavities.

Pediatric dentistry is extremely important to help children and adolescents establish healthy mouths early for a lifetime of smiles. As a family dentist, Dr. Petkevis provides comprehensive treatment for children to prevent and treat tooth cavities.

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