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Gum Health: What To Know

Do you know if you have gum disease? Chances are that you may not be aware of or have any noticeable symptoms if you have gingivitis. Gum disease is considered a “silent disease” because it slowly progresses with minimal impact on how you feel or how the gums appear until it is advanced.

Dr. Petkevis emphasizes the importance of gum health to maintain your oral health and wellness. Healthy gums are essential for stable and healthy teeth. Gum disease can compromise both the gum tissue and the teeth. When bacteria grow, and gingivitis becomes periodontitis, the integrity of the tooth roots and stability of the teeth are in jeopardy. Without treatment, patients can experience dramatic changes in their oral health, including shifting teeth, a change in the bite, and even tooth loss.

Fortunately, gum disease is often easily treated and reversed when caught in the early stage. This is where the value of routine dental care comes into play- when you visit with us twice a year, we screen for the signs of gingivitis and can offer personalized oral hygiene tips to help you avoid gum disease. It may be as simple as improving your daily flossing routine or using an anti-bacterial rinse to reduce bacteria. During your dental care visit, we may use a procedure known as scaling and root planing to remove tartar and plaque that may have built up in tooth surfaces, often behind the teeth where it is not easy to see. Leaving our office with a clean and healthy smile and following good oral hygiene habits at home will prevent major dental problems and keep gum disease at any for most patients.

Gum health also plays a role in your overall health and wellness. Advanced gum disease means bacteria in the mouth can affect surrounding tissue such as bone and possibly enter the bloodstream as pockets form around tooth roots. Poor oral health and the presence of gum disease are linked with an increased risk for inflammatory conditions and cardiovascular disease. If you have a medical condition such as diabetes or are prescribed medication to be taken daily, let us know so we can ensure that it is not impacting your oral health. Our dental care team will work with you to manage your oral health between visits.

One of the early warning signs of gingivitis is bleeding gums. Other signs can include redness or swelling of the gums and changes in their appearance. If you have concerns about your periodontal health, schedule visit. Dr. Petkevis offer comprehensive periodontal therapy and can help you restore gum health.