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3 Smile-Friendly Snacks

Healthy Snacks for Healthy Smiles The COVID-19 crisis has left many people around the world stuck at home. Many of our patients have had to postpone their preventative dental care appointments because of this crisis. As a result, we wanted to provide some suggestions on how you can continue to care for your dental health at home. Here are three smile-friendly snacks to keep around your home during quarantine:


Cheese is one of the best snacks you can munch on throughout the day. It is full of calcium, which your teeth need to maintain their strength. Additionally, cheese is soft and easier to chew than crunchier snacks. For patients with TMJ disorders or frequent jaw pain, crunchier snacks like potato chips often overwork your mouth muscles and can lead to even more discomfort later on. Additionally, potato chips contain harmful starches that can contribute to plaque and tartar buildup. Instead, try opting for a cheese snack. We suggest sliced cheese, cubed cheese, or string cheese for maximum convenience. You can enjoy this snack knowing that it is both delicious and good for your dental health.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies are fun to make and delicious for the whole family to enjoy. Include all of your favorite fruits in a smoothie and serve it as a snack. We recommend making a smoothie with kiwis or strawberries. Kiwis are high in calcium content, while strawberries contain high levels of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to your dental health because it helps fight off gum disease. Both of these fruits are highly fibrous, making them great for your overall health. You can even include some plain Greek yogurt in your smoothie to increase the amount of calcium while also making your smoothie creamier.

Assorted Nuts

We understand that sometimes you might crave a crunchier snack. To help with this craving, we suggest assorted nuts. They are much better to keep around than a bowl of candy. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, and cashews contain loads of vitamins or minerals that are essential to your dental health. Additionally, they help with saliva stimulation which your smile needs to maintain a moist environment for your teeth and soft tissues. Just make sure that you are careful as you chew on this snack, and always opt for a softer snack if you are experiencing jaw pain or soreness.

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