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Why Should Missing Teeth Be Replaced?

Missing Teeth Chester SpringsWhile missing teeth may not seem to be a big deal, especially if it’s not visible when you smile, it’s still important to replace them. In addition to reduced functionality, missing teeth can pose a threat to your oral health.

Dr. Jason Petkevis is a Chester Springs, PA implant dentist specializing in helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful, and functional smiles. Our restorative dentistry can restore your smile’s function and appearance according to your needs and budget.

Consequences of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can affect jaw bone health, increase your risk of gum disease, and make the remaining teeth less stable. The biggest risk is jaw bone loss, which risks the long-term health of your smile.

When teeth are missing from their sockets, the jaw bone is no longer stimulated in that area and begins receding. When this happens, the surrounding teeth become less stable and may become loose, crooked, or cause jaw alignment issues.

A misaligned jaw or loose or crooked teeth can increase your risk for gum disease. Crooked teeth are inherently more difficult to clean, because certain areas of the teeth are covered or less accessible. Loose teeth may allow bacteria to settle in to small pockets in the gums which may eventually cause gum disease. These teeth can also become overcrowded as the jawbone continues to deteriorate, posing a risk of tooth fracture or tooth decay.

How to Replace Missing Teeth

It is important to replace missing teeth to keep the jaw in alignment and protect the teeth from decay. Missing teeth may result in issues with bite stability and cause problems eating or speaking, so seeking treatment is important.

There are several treatments available to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are a popular long-term tooth replacement option, as they permanently replace missing teeth and restore full functionality. Dentures or dental bridges are another option but are less permanent. If you have multiple dental concerns, you may benefit from a smile makeover, which is a combination of several treatments to give you the results you’re looking for.

Missing Teeth Treatment in Chester Springs, PA

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