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Q&A : Dental Crowns

Dental technology has improved many cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. Dental crowns are one restorative dental procedure that has come a long way with modern advances in material technologies. Metal caps were once the only option for dental crowns, and left many patients dissatisfied with the aesthetics of their smile.

Today, porcelain crowns offer patients lasting function and beauty with a more natural looking smile. Chester Springs, PA dentist Dr. Jason Petkevis answers some commonly asked questions about porcelain crowns.

Dental Crown Q & A

  1. Q: What are porcelain dental crowns?
    A: Dental crowns are used like a cap to strengthen or replace a natural tooth. Crowns can be used to restore cracked, crooked, or decayed teeth. The crown is custom fit to your smile and is permanently secured to your root canal or dental implant.
  2. Q: Are porcelain dental crowns safe?
    A: Yes. Porcelain crowns are metal free. Unlike traditional crown material, porcelain does not cause gum discoloration.
  3. Q:What are the benefits of porcelain dental crowns?
    A: Porcelain dental crowns are durable dental restorations that offer aesthetically pleasing results. With today’s dental technology, porcelain veneers can appear like natural teeth. Because dental crowns are custom fit and permanently secured, they allow patients to eat and speak normally with confidence. Dental crowns can restore function and comfort to your smile.
  4. Q: I have an existing gold crown. It is visible and distracting from my natural smile. Can I have it replaced with a porcelain crown?
    A: Yes. Dr. Petkevis can replace old crowns with newer porcelain technology. When an old metal crown is on a highly visible tooth, it can be aesthetically displeasing and may make patients self conscious of their smiles. Crown replacement is an easy procedure. Ask Dr. Petkevis if replacing your metal crown with porcelain is right for you.

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