An uncomfortable bite, or uneven bite, can often make daily life less enjoyable- it can be difficult to chew properly and even speech can be affected. In most cases, this discomfort is the sign of an underlying imbalance in the bite as a result of misaligned teeth, TMJ dysfunction or a combination of factors.

Dr. Petkevis has many hours of advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders and complex bite problems. He uses advanced technology and the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard technique to identify the cause of your uncomfortable bite and offer effective treatment.

Treatment For An Uncomfortable Bite

The goal of your dental treatment is to restore both comfort and dental health, addressing any TMJ dysfunction or tooth alignment issues. A healthy bite is one that not only feels good and enables normal daily function, but that is able to remain stable and in a natural position. This means that your teeth are making proper contact when biting and there is no tension in the jaw joint.

Dr. Petkevis will evaluate your bite using T-Scan digital bite analysis and a hand held Doppler device for an accurate diagnosis. He will recommend appropriate treatment to repair any tooth damage and to restore balance to the bite. Treatment options may include:

  • Mouthguard or dental splint: a custom dental appliance designed to reposition the jaw may be recommended to stop teeth grinding and allow the bite to relax into a natural position.
  • Restorative dentistry: dental bonding, dental crowns or other options may be needed to repair damaged teeth or to adjust the biting surfaces and restore balance to the bite.
  • Orthodontics: if misaligned and crooked teeth are causing a bite problem, Dr. Petkevis may recommend orthodontic treatment. As a Philadelphia Invisalign provider, Dr. Petkevis can offer discreet and comfortable treatment with invisible braces for those with mild to moderate crooked teeth.

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