Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

“I had to have my FRONT tooth replaced and saying I was nervous about the procedure and how it was going to look after was an understatement. I am not the easiest patient due to severe anxiety and panic attacks with all things “medical”, especially needles. Dr. Jay did such a fantastic job! He explained everything and took the time to make sure that he was prepared for an special needs I required. I called multiple times before the procedure with questions and concerns and Crissy was amazing. She explained everything and made me feel comfortable. I was terrified walking into the back, knowing I was going to get a shot. They sat me down, put on the massaging chair, asked me what I wanted to watch on TV and let me relax until I was ready. I didn’t feel a thing!!! The tooth looks EXACTLY the same if not a little better than the real one. Color matches perfectly. I honestly cannot believe how good it turned out. I have been going to Dr. Jay for about 2 years and I would never go to anyone else! Not only are they great with major procedures but even going in to get a cleaning, Julie the Hygienist is so welcoming and makes the visit enjoyable.”

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