We strive to do more than simply treat the symptoms of dental problems. Dr. Petkevis is determined to identify and fix the underlying cause for cosmetic and functional dental concerns. This approach allows us to deliver longer lasting, more natural looking results for our patients

Dr. Jason Petkevis is a highly trained restorative and cosmetic dentist with an extensive background in treating complex dental problems. He has incorporated advanced technology into his practice to deliver quicker, more precise diagnosis, personalized treatment plans, and comfortable treatment options.

Learn more about our dental technology:

Air Abrasion
Air abrasion is one of the technologies we use that our patients love the most. Patients hate dental drills because of the noise they make and the pain they can cause. With air abrasion, the dentist is able to remove tooth decay without using a dental drill. The air abrasion hand piece delivers a powerful air stream to the teeth, blasting away tooth decay.

Air abrasion commonly used when preparing teeth for dental fillings, sealants, dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

Laser Dentistry
A small percentage of dentists in the Philadelphia area provide the level of precision, patient comfort and reduced recovery time afforded through the use of laser dentistry. Dr. Petkevis is among these top dental healthcare service providers, offering soft tissue dental lasers for the treatment of a wide range of conditions and cosmetic concerns.

Laser dentistry helps Dr. Petkevis perform highly precise dental services without the use of anesthesia or stitches. Laser dentistry helps to reduce the risk of infection, minimize pain, inhibit blood loss and speed recovery time for patients.

Laser Cavity Detection
Tooth cavities are easiest to treat when they are caught early. Dr. Petkevis uses a powerful new laser called Diagnodent for early detection and diagnosis of tooth decay. The laser technology used by Diagnodent makes it easier to find decay hidden in cracks and crevices of teeth.

Early intervention of tooth cavities means less pain, decreased risk of tooth damage and less hassle for you down the road.

Digital Dental X-Rays
Now the standard in modern dentistry, digital dental x-rays allow the dentist to get a clear picture of the teeth, bones, and joints. While some patients feel dental x-rays are unnecessary, they are actually an important diagnostic tool. Without this snapshot of the interior workings of the oral system, the dentist is forced to simply guess at what might be causing the problems.

Dental x-rays are extremely useful for detecting hidden problems such as tooth decay and TMJ disorders. In addition, routine dental x-rays allow Dr. Petkevis to look for changes in the structure of the teeth or fit of the bite which could indicate health concerns.

Intra-Oral Photography
The IntraOral Camera is one of the leading technologies in modern dentistry. A tiny video camera on a wand like probe moves comfortably inside the mouth around the teeth and gums to easily and accurately identify problems in their earliest stages.

The images captured from the IntraOral Camera are magnified and displayed instantly on a computer screen. Both the dentist and patient can see the images, allowing an open discussion about the issues and best ways to treat them. With the IntraOral Camera, it is easy to recognize potential problems in very early stages that might be missed during a traditional visual examination.

T-Scan Bite Analysis
Dr. Petkevis can provide a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment for bite problems like TMJ using the T-Scan bite analysis technology. A hand held digital scanner that takes the place of traditional bite paper, Tekscan gives a digital measurement of the bite force produced by each individual tooth. This enables Dr. Petkevis to pinpoint where an imbalance is in your bite and to recommend treatment designed to address this concern and restore not only comfort, but long term dental health.

Doppler Ultrasound for TMJ
Doppler ultrasound enables Dr. Petkevis to “listen” to the function of your temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Trained in the identification of dysfunction, and TMJ treatments, Dr. Petkevis enhances a visual and physical diagnosis with this advanced technology.

Using the hand held Doppler ultrasound wand, Dr. Petkevis can hear when the disc on the TMJ is not functioning properly, causing tension in the jaw muscles at the joint is pushed out of its natural position. Effective treatment will address symptoms such as headaches and jaw pain as well as restore your oral health.

Dawson Diagnostic Wizard for Esthetics and Function
Dr. Petkevis is a graduate of the Dawson Academy and has incorporated the concepts of complete dentistry into all aspects of your dental care. Using the Dawson Diagnostic Wizard, he thoroughly evaluates all aspects of your occlusal system: teeth, gums and jaw joints, looking to see if they are both healthy and functioning harmoniously.

The Dawson Diagnostic Wizard provides a framework for assessing the overall health of your bite as well as treatment options that improve both aesthetics and function. A healthy bite is one that is not only beautiful, but also enables your teeth to come into contact properly and the jaw to move naturally, without the risk of muscle tension or tooth damage associated with a bite problem.

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