Monday, September 15th, 2014

Suffering with slipping or poor fitting dentures?

This can often be a situation that affects daily life- everything from speech to diet can become affected by dentures that are uncomfortable and do not fit properly. Poor fitting dentures can also impact oral health, leading to additional dental problems such as gum disease and bone loss in the jaw.

Dr. Petkevis offers a solution for patients who struggle daily with dentures that are no longer working properly: implant secured dentures. Also known as All-on-Four, implant secured dentures offer many benefits including long term dental health. If you are missing all of your top or bottom teeth, this procedure may be the solution for permanent teeth replacement.

Benefits of implant secured dentures

  • A comfortable, secure fit: with as few as four dental implants, Dr. Petkevis can secure an existing denture or a new, custom fit appliance.
  • Bone retention: the impplanted posts help to retain bone tissue in the jaw. Bone loss can lead to shrinkage of the jaw and a change in a patient’s overall appearance.
  • Natural looking and functioning smile: a custom fit, secure denture allows patients to speak and eat normally, supporting a healthy diet and encouraging social activity.
  • No need for daily cleaning and the use of adhesives!


With proper care, including regular dental visits with Dr. Petkevis to ensure overall oral health, implant secured dentures can last a lifetime.

A healthy, functional smile is an important part of daily quality of life, especially as we age. If you have lost your desire to smile due to missing teeth or poor fitting dentures, come in for a consultation. Dr. Petkevis can discuss your options after a thorough examination.

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