Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Dr. Petkevis has incorporated some of the latest dental technology into his Chester Springs dental office, Dental Distinction to provide his patients with treatments that are more accurate, less painful and results that are both functional and lasting.495780253

Dental technology has advanced modern dentistry, enabling dentists to treat patients more efficiently and to solve complex dental problems with procedures that are less invasive, more precise and can support long term dental health.

Our dental technology:

  • Air abrasion: Dr. Petkevis can perform a variety of dental treatments using this drill-free technology, including fillings
  • Diagnodent: imaging technology that enables Dr. Petkevis to spot cavities in the earliest form when conservative measures are effective
  • Intra-oral camera: this tiny wand-like camera can help to detect and diagnose dental problems in the early stages
  • Laser dentistry: Dr. Petkevis uses the dental laser for many soft tissue procedures, providing treatment with less pain, down time and no need for anesthesia in most cases

Experience the benefits of dental technology during your next visit with Dr. Petkevis at Dental Distinction in Chester Springs- preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry can be a more pleasant experience!

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