Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Who doesn’t envy celebrities with their million mega-watt smiles? Don’t be fooled into thinking they hit the genetic jackpot. That could be the case. But more likely than not, their pearly-whites were envisioned by a quality dentist who specializes in restorative dentistry.

Whether there is a physical factor or purely cosmetic concern keeping you from the smile you’ve always wanted – restorative dentistry can help. Restorative dentistry aims for a fully functioning mouth – chewing, speaking and aligned biting – and an aesthetically-pleasing look.

Each person and each case is unique. The keys to getting the results you want are a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Finding a specialist who tailors a plan for your particular needs – both functionally and cosmetically – is imperative.

An imperfect smile can be due to any number of conditions and causes, including: improper alignment, broken teeth, infected gums, deteriorating tissue, trauma or sub-par dental work.

Thanks to advanced methods in dental technology any condition can be treated with ease – and with relatively no pain. Some cutting-edge innovations, include

Dental Imaging – The use of imaging allows the patient to see a facsimile of the finish product even before starting. This allows for clearer lines of collaboration between dentist and patient.

Dental X-rays – X-rays allow an inside look at the mouth structure unseen from the exterior, including bone strength, root damage and cavities between teeth.

Microdentistry – Air abrasion and dental tools are used to precisely remove tooth decay without the need for local anesthetics.

Some additional procedures that can be utilized are: dental crowns, implants, dentures, TMJ therapy and Invisalign.

So don’t dream about the smile you’ve always wanted – go out and get it!

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