Friday, September 30th, 2011

When a person smiles, it shows that he or she is warm and friendly. The key to keeping one’s smile beautiful is to keep the teeth healthy. Cavities and gum disease are two conditions that can rob the teeth of its health and beauty. Fortunately, dental problems can be prevented by caring for the teeth properly. Brushing the teeth two to three times a day , flossing at least once a day, and eating a healthy diet can prevent most problems. Additionally, people also need to make sure that they see their dentists twice a year for a checkup.

Before a patient is seen by a dentist, he or she will get a professional cleaning from a dental hygienist. Professional cleanings are important because they remove the plaque and bacteria that is hard to remove with regular brushing. Dental hygienist also give x-rays, which allows dentist to get a better view of the patient’s teeth.

After the dental hygienist has done the cleaning and performed the x-ray, the dentist will give a thorough exam of the patient’s teeth. Dentists check for cavities, gum disease and any other dental problem that the patient may have. It is important to note that problems are much easier to treat if they are detected early enough.

Many people are concerned about the rising cost of dental care. More people are choosing to skip their dental visits because of this expense. However, routine care can help a person save money in dental care by reducing the need for fillings, root canals or extractions.

A person’s smile is one of his or her most attractive features. A beautiful smile is a healthy smile. The key to keeping the smile healthy is to keep the teeth healthy. Brushing, flossing, eating a healthy diet and routine dental care can help people keep their smiles beautiful and healthy.

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